Crypto wallet with bank interface

Easy to use and unblockable wallet with an average yield from 10% in crypto dollars.

User Experience

No crypto words or concepts, everything like in a usual banking application.

Yield mining

A conservative strategy for investing in crypto dollars, minimizing technology risks.


Your funds are stored and managed solely by you and wallet will work literally forever.

Virtual card

The issuance of virtual bank cards allows you to withdraw funds, transfer money to other bank cards and pay for purchases instantly using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Simple but with a high level of protection

We’ve removed all the complicated things that lead to errors and loss of money, while maintaining a first-class level of security. No seed phrases, no irrecoverable passwords, but protection from suspicious transactions and access to verified financial products only.


  • No crypto slang
  • No crypto addresses
  • Seamless integration of finaincial products
  • Blockchain abstraction
  • Trusted contacts
  • Biometrics


  • No seed phrases
  • Social recovery with Guardians
  • Verified financial products and services
  • Freezing account
  • Block fraudulent transactions
  • Daily transaction limit

Easy to deposit and withdraw money

Top up your account with a regular bank card. Withdraw funds either to a virtual bank card or sell on the global currency exchange.


Instantly deposit money from bank card with Ramp Network.

Virtual Card

Issue a Stripe virtual card and withdraw money on it.


Exchange money on a Paxful peer-to-peer marketplace.

Average yield from 10%

Crypto Dollars

We hold funds in crypto dollars issued by fully regulated American company Coinbase, traded on the American stock exchange NASDAQ.
We invest only in crypto dollars and do not put money in any volatile assets.

Yield Minig

Our Yield Mining technology helps maximize yield through shifting capital, auto-compounding, and rebalancing.
We hedge risk by allocating funds among several competing technology solutions to achieve an optimal balance of profit and risk.


We use metaoptimizer to regularly redistribute funds among selected strategy optimizers based on their performance data.


We partnered with Axelar Network to move funds across crypto networks to mitigate technological risks.


We are partnering with Nexus Mutual insurance to get covered against technological failures and hacks.

Unstoppable and unblockable wallet

Only you have full control and access to your funds. No third party can block or restrict any activity on your account. PWA technology powered by Arweave keeps your wallet running literally forever as long as there is electricity on earth.

Unstoppable web app

To make sure your wallet runs literally forever, we’ve developed a special PWA version powered by Arweave. This technology allows you to run your wallet from any device with hard drives distributed across the globe and provides free, continuous and perpetual access to them.

No matter what will happen with our company and society your funds are safe and accessable anytime and anywhere.

Non custodial

With a non-custodial wallet only you have full control over your account. No one — not the government, not the regulators, not our company — can block or limit access to your wallet.

But there is a price to pay. We cannot help you if you lose access to your wallet.
To mitigate this risk, we use social recovery technology and biometric access.

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Join the club for early access

Join the community and get a chance to influence wallet development. The most active members will have the opportunity to make decisions about product development strategy and benefit from it.

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